I live in Brockton, the “City of Champions”. With all the negativity that has surrounded Brockton, I got tired of hearing, “You live there?”, every time I told someone I live in Brockton. This series is showcasing what I see in Brockton and to spread more positive aspects about the city and its people. Through this series I’m talking about the history of where Brockton came from, what Brockton is not about, and what Brockton is focused on.
We’re not about drugs. We’re not about violence. We’re not about guns.
We are innovators.  We are great neighbors to our surrounding towns…meaning we have a lot of resources that are great for Brockton, and are accessible to our neighboring communities. We love education.
Established in 1881, Brockton was built on history. We were known as the shoe city. We supplied all the shoes for the troops of World War II. There’s just a lot of history here. Two famous boxers came from Brockton and that is what marked the beginning for the City of Champions.
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