Exhibits by Herkins

Ask Herkins:

On our website, unhealthy you may have noticed a new “Exhibits” section. Here is where Herkins will be showcasing all of his personal projects to reflect the positive highlights of our local Brockton community. While on sabbatical last year, order bringing creative art to the community was something Herkins was really inspired to do and now Herkins has completed a few art series we’ve brought online for you to check out and learn more about!

Q: For all the exhibits you do, What’s the meaning behind them?

A: The saying goes, “If you stand still, you’ll get left behind.”  I believe for all artist, there is still a level of learning and evolving of your artistic skill. My exhibits are explorations, ideas, and risk I am taking as a designer to take my craft to a different level and then bring what I learn to my clients. This year, many of my exhibits will be targeted on bringing out a positive image of my hometown, Brockton, and the voice of people that live here. This is a great city of champions and I want to bring that out through my art.

Check Out My Exhibits.

Please go through, see my work, and please comment below the pieces that you like.

I hope you are inspired by my work.


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