City of Champions


Thank you for your interest in the “City of Champions” Exhibit. On this page you will a brief overview of the Exhibit and how your organization can get involved.

Herkins and Latonia’s vision through H&L Imprints is to Build Communities Through Design. One community that they particularly take interest in is their hometown, stomach Brockton. Through their design and photography work, Herkins and Latonia will complete a series of exhibits to bring awareness to positive aspects about Brockton. The “City of Champions” exhibit is the first of these ongoing series.

About the “City of Champions” Exhibit
By Herkins Francois

This exhibit was thought up because I live in Brockton, the “City of Champions”. With all the negativity that has surrounded Brockton, I got tired of hearing, “You live there?” every time I told someone I live in Brockton. This series is showcasing what I see in Brockton and to spread more positive aspects about the city and its people. Through this series I’m talking about the history of where Brockton came from, what Brockton is not about, and what Brockton is focused on.

We’re not about drugs. We’re not about violence. We’re not about guns.

We are innovators. We are great neighbors to our surrounding towns…meaning we have a lot of resources that are great for Brockton, and are accessible to our neighboring communities. We love education.

Established in 1881, Brockton was built on history. We were known as the shoe city. We supplied all the shoes for the troops of World War II. There’s just a lot of history here. Two famous boxers came from Brockton and that is what marked the beginning for the “City of Champions”.

City of Champs PosterTake a look through this 9 piece “City of Champions” exhibit. I hope you are inspired by my work.

Will you be a part of the solution?

In an effort to promote positivity within the city of Brockton and surrounding areas, Herkins and Latonia will be establishing multiple art exhibits to build awareness of the positive work being done by community leaders, small businesses, and residents within Brockton. The “City of Champions” exhibit is the first series by H&L Imprints to draw awareness to the history of Brockton, what the people of Brockton are about, what they’re not, and what they’re focused on.

How do we plan to build awareness?

H&L Imprints will be promoting awareness of the exhibit to the community at large in various forms: mini car bumper magnets, t-shirts, and posters. These promotional items ensure that residents, city officials, and community leaders can get involved. Through spreading the awareness of the exhibit through the promotional items, we are able to make a visible statement within the city to show that there are people within the city that are standing as part of the solution to build a better Brockton.

Herkins and Latonia want to be a part of the solution that makes this city a better place. We invite you to support their work towards building a better Brockton. Be a part of the solution!

How to get involved:


If you simply have a heart for Brockton, that’s all it takes to start making a difference. There is a saying being heard around Brockton that goes, “Building Unity Through Comm(unity)”, so we are asking everyone to take our magnets and put them on your car bumpers, wear the t-shirts, and hang the posters to show those around you that you are standing as part of the solution. There is power in numbers, so as more and more people begin to see the magnets, t-shirts, and posters this will mark the beginning of a unified movement to help change the perception of Brockton.


Your help is needed! Sponsors have a tremendous role in making this movement come to life. Herkins and Latonia want this exhibit to be promoted through promotional products and gifts that will be freely given to the community of Brockton at citywide events, community activities, school programs, and more. The goal is for all residents to have free access to the items and be apart of this movement. If your organization is interested in supporting this exhibit financially, this would allow H&L Imprints to purchase more promotional items for the current exhibit and offer the items to be given for free to the community. Sponsors would also help H&L Imprints begin their next “City of Champions” exhibit that will be showcasing Brockton’s homegrown restaurants.

In return, sponsors will have the opportunity to have a logo included on the backs of t-shirts that are promoted with the “City of Champions” Exhibit and will have the organizations’ name listed on the exhibit webpage.

Let’s Collaborate

Please contact Herkins and Latonia if you would like to be a sponsor or allow H&L Imprints to bring promotional items to your location for yourself or to freely give to people around you such as staff, students, community members, or others. If you have upcoming events you would like to offer these items at as raffle giveaways, door prizes, or to supplement recognition awards please let them know! (If you would like to take magnets to tag up the city as part of a flash mob event, please let them know.)

Herkins and Latonia are open to all ideas and welcome your support!  Thanks in advance!

Building Communities Through Design,

Herkins & Latonia Francois
H&L Imprints
1367 Main Street
Brockton MA, 02301